Lisa Notes

Use Color to Create A Balance in Your Room

August 20th, 2014
by Admin


Interior designerInterior designers use color as a basic yet important tool in every project.  Color can create balance within a room.  Each space should have a combination of light, medium and dark tones to give it a sense of balance.  By including all three, the room will feel complete and comfortable. 


For example, if the room has lots of natural light due to large or many windows, a dark floor might be helpful to visually “anchor” the room.  In this same room, medium toned wood furniture pieces or upholstery items and light colored walls will create this relaxed and balanced feeling.  If furniture is light or very reflective, such as chrome and glass pieces, stronger accent colors or walls painted with stronger or darker colors will lend a balanced look, or if you prefer quiet neutral walls, then there’s your opportunity to add a darker floor. 


There are many ways to successfully use color to give the balanced look every room requires.

Color Brings Out the Flavors of Life

June 1st, 2014
by Lisa

Color affects each of us all the time, and most of us are unaware of how we react to color and its importance.  Color is very important in the entertainment business, whether it is a television program, a movie or an ad.  It plays an important part in our daily lives, and our homes should include color that we want to live with.  Do you know how to use color?  Do you want to paint a room a vibrant strong color, but are too timid to try?  Here’s some ideas included in thinking about color.

  • Many colors or monochromatic?
  • How does light (natural and artificial) affect color?
  • How to use color and create balance.
  • What are today’s “hot” colors?
  • Use of color for different areas to create different environments.
  • Use of color in commercial applications.